WordPress 5 rolling out since December 2018

WordPress 5 rolling out since December 2018

Since Dec 6th 2018 we have rolled out WordPress 5.0 to all our customers along with two more versions after. With the current version being 5.0.3 available since January 15th the update is now available from your Installatron App Installer, some of our clients have already upgraded to this version.

Updating to WordPress 5.x

Updating is easy if you installed your WordPress using Installatron. If your WordPress was installed manually or moved it from a previous host importing it into Installatron is very easy and takes only a few minutes! Afterwards you will be able to update plugin-ins, WordPress and Backup your app automatically from the easy interface.

If your already using Installatron, login to your Control Panel and select Installatron Applications Installer, find your WordPress installation and select it and press the update icon. You will be take to the update page and you can choose the version you wish to upgrade too, at the time of writing this version 5.0.3 is the default for upgrades. Once the upgrade starts it will first offer to backup your WordPress site and then proceed to the update process.

After the update is complete, login to you Admin console and press the “Update WordPress Database” button, when update is complete press the “Continue” button and your done! Log back into your Admin console and you will now be at version 5.X!

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