Why You Should Run Your Site As HTTPS

Why You Should Run Your Site As HTTPS

If you are wondering why you should run your site as HTTPS, just read this article. We will give you several reasons why you should consider this switch, as we think it can benefit any website, in many ways.

What is HTTPS and how do I get it?

HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, a complicated name for increased security of your website. It is the main shield that stands between your website and hackers who want to steal from your visitors and yourself. Every HTTPS uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer (read: encryption). In order to install an SSL, you will need to buy it from someone. There are many SSL certificates that you can purchase online, but it would be wise to buy it from your hosting provider. Check the packages your hosting company offers. Usually, SSL is a part of more expensive plans; you will rarely find it in the cheapest one. However, it is well worth the investment, read on to find out why.

It will help your SEO

We put SEO first on our list because nowadays it is more important than ever before. The position of your site in the search results is determined by many things. Some of them are well known, other we can only guess. Google (respect to other search engines, but let’s face it, it is all about Google) changes these rules from time to time, without publishing the details, because that would allow people to bypass them. However, Google did say that the HTTPS is a ranking factor which means we know for sure it will help your website climb that search results ladder. Naturally, you will have to optimize plenty of other things, and it should all start by choosing a quality hosting provider known for great uptime and blazing speeds.

You will win your user’s trust

The visitors of your website will love seeing that padlock and the “Secure” sign next to the address bar. Especially if your site directly sells them something, nobody likes entering credit card information on an unsafe connection. HTTPS will show them that you care and that you do not mind spending a few extra bucks each month for an SSL certificate. Adding an SSL is a straightforward way to boost your reputation among (potential) customers, which will help your brand. It can benefit any business type, but it is essential for e-commerce websites since they involve credit card transactions.

Your website will load faster

When HTTPS was first introduced, people feared that the encryption will slow down the load times, and put more stress on the servers. However, while the added stress on the server is non-existent to minimal (<1%), the SSL secured websites actually load faster. That is because, thanks to modern browser makes, it is mandatory to have a HTTPS connection if you want to use HTTP/2, which is the fastest version of the HTTP protocol. So, a more secure website, that also loads faster, a win-win situation. And as we have mentioned above, search engines like fast loading websites – this will put you higher in the search results. A win-win-win situation? 🙂

It will make your website mobile-friendly

Statistics are showing that mobile browsing overtook desktop, and this is a trend that is going nowhere. It is becoming increasingly important to have a website that looks and runs equally good well on all platform. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by Google help speed up your site for mobile devices, and if you want to use it, you will need an SSL, just like with the HTTP/2. Websites that have AMP show higher in the search results, which is another similarity from the point above. Again, HTTPS benefits your website in more than one way, fantastic.


As you can see, this simple switch from HTTP to HTTPS can tremendously help your website and business. Yes, it will cost you more, but unless your wallet is completely drained, there should be no excuses, as this is one of those business investments that does not have a single negative effect. Getting just one of the benefits we mentioned above will make an SSL pay off. And you will not only one; you get all of them, the second you decide to purchase a certificate. Get HTTPS; you will not regret it!

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