Web Hosting with Free SSL

Web Hosting with Free SSL


You may have noticed that more and more websites are now running with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Sites displaying the URL with HTTPS are using what is known as SSL (secured socket layer) which is a secured connection opposed to HTTP which is unsecure and sends data in plain text. SSL certificates are installed on servers by an admin or a user via a Hosting Control Panel on Shared Hosting. SSL certificates are purchased and issued from various providers and are typically purchased at different prices depending on the level of security needed.

Since 2015 a new provider called Let’s Encrypt https://letsencrypt.org/ has been rolling out FREE SSL certificates, an automated and open certificate authority (CA) that is backed by some of the largest companies in the industry like Google, Cisco, Facebook, Akamai, OVH, Chrome, Mozilla and many more. The main objective behind Let’s Encrypt is to offer a free secure open certificate authority that is run for the public’s benefit and that creates a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.

So if your looking for web hosting with free ssl then you should definitely look into installing a free secure ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Their certificates allow wildcard installations meaning that they can be installed on shared hosting servers using the same ip address instead of typically reserving a static ip for each SSL certificate.

At Bluebird we have been offering our customers Let’s Encrypt certificates since January 2017 and they can easily be installed via our Directeadmin control panel in just a few minutes! For more information on the installation follow this guide. With today’s ease of installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, web Hosting with free ssl is something that should not be overlooked,why not have the peace of mind that your WordPress site is secured for yourself and your visitors. For a more detailed explanation of HTTPS and why you should use it, we encourage you to read this article.


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