Time for change!

Time for change!

Since early 2012 we have been very busy working on our new website, hosting servers and many other changes and improvements. Thats probably why there have not been many updates here.

One of the major changes that you probably noticed is that we moved our main website url to www.bluebirdhosting.ca and redesigned our website. The new site is a temporary measure using a much simplier and better Support and Billing interface. Afterwords in the months of March-April we will be moving our main site to WordPress.

As you may have also noticed our new logo now carries the name BluebirdHosting and includes the newly designed Bluebird mascot! we hope you like him, were still looking for a name for this little guy! Please send any suggestions.

We are of course still operating as Bluebird Internet Services Inc and you will continue to receive your invoices under the same name.

With the launch of Bluebird Hosting a Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Hosting, SSL Certificates & Mobile Hosting service we have completly revamped our Hosting packages, with new names, lots more diskspace and bandwidth, they are as we say semi-unlimited. This means everything but disk and bandwidth is unlimited! We are alo giving new customers a FREE domain with all plans paid in advance for 1 year.

Our new packages are named after the evolution of a bird in the nest, where a bird starts off as a Hatchling then becomes a Nestling and when they are ready to leave the nest as Fledging, but we want you to stay with us! So these are the 3 new main Hosting packages.

But it does not stop there! We are now also offering a Free hosting package, this package is a very limited account, it is intended for people to use as a trial or for very basic website or for minimal email. The account is limited to 100MB of diskspace and 500Mb of bandwith. See the details in the Hosting Plans page.

CloudLinux Migration

Its been some time since we announced the use of Cloud Linux and we are now officialy running CloudLinux servers and begining migrations to these new servers very shortly.

This will help us stop users from abusing CPU usage and not giving them the nasty suspended messages. The concept behind CloudLinux is that if you are using a lot of CPU instead of slowing down the whole server you slow down just your site. Cloud Linux isolates every account on the server by setting limits to each. So if a nasty scipt is runnning on someones account it wont affect other users. This means everyone on the server will benefit from the isolation environment this will greatly improve stability and performance, exciting times!

As we begin migrations each customer will be notifed ahead of time with information on the migration. Basically its going to be seamless and quick, you should not see any down time and little interuption.



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