The Best Plugins to Install on WordPress Now

The Best Plugins to Install on WordPress Now

Essential WordPress Plugins

Indeed, WordPress Plugins have become essential for adding and extending the functionalities on WordPress websites. These Plugins are actually a must for all business websites in 2018 to make them not only look great but also function awesomely and for staying ahead of their competitors. With the thousands of Plugins in the market, it is important to understand, which ones would benefit the most. Therefore, to get the best out of the thousands of lists, here are certain essential WordPress plugins, which are highly recommended by our experts.


It is an undeniable fact that search engines have become a major source of generating traffic on a website. With this, its popularity and usage have increased steadily, making it more relevant than ever. So, in this regard, there is a great Plugin for the WordPress users by the name YOAST SEO. This Plugin actually helps to improve the ranking of a website by creating an SEO friendly content.

To delve deeper, it involves selecting and using keywords appropriately in the article writing, which is further checked by the page analyzer. The other examined things for better visibility of article on a search engine are headings, Meta description, and image alt tags. Besides this, it also has a Readability feature that optimizes the content for a better understanding of it.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

Another very useful Plugin that is quite helpful for the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, which informs and guides about the structure of the content on the site.

With the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin installation, an XML file is created that stores all the URLs of the concerned website’s pages. Next, the sitemap allows the web crawlers of search engines view and read this file more intelligently.

That is how; it enables the search engine to retrieve the results more efficiently.


  • WOO Commerce

Greatly admired by the e-Commerce world, this Plugin gives the complete control to the owner of the online store, right from the customer accounts to taxes and further to the stock levels. Be it the design, settings, or the removal of extensions, this Plugin allows for everything. Moreover, the data on the website is kept secure, giving a respite to the owner of the website.

Other functionalities of this Plugin that proves its worth are extensive payment options, shipping configuration, and selling of the desired products, anywhere the seller wishes.

  • OptinMonster

Those looking for the B2B lead conversion rates must make use of this free WordPress Plugin. It lets the businesses earn success by converting the visitors to the website into the permanent email subscribers. It tracks the mouse behaviour of the user and the time user is about to leave the page, this prompts a the targeted message, which re-engages the visitor and encourages him to subscribe on the webpage.


Plugin installation
Plugin installation to make your website performance good.


So, get this Plugin Installation done quickly, in order to make your blog or business more successful.

  • BJ Lazy Load

“More images on the website means hours of webpage loading.” Well, this is no more true, as BJ Lazy Load is one of the efficient WordPress Plugin that allows the faster loading of the page even with hundreds of images on it. This Plugin actually uses a placeholder as a substitute for the post images, thumbnails, content iframes, and Gravatar images, during the time page is loading. Moreover, as the page gets closer to entering the browser, it loads all the content on it. However, the images are only displayed when the users are scrolling the page. Thus, it saves the bandwidth, too.

In addition to it, this Plugin can also work efficiently with the embedded videos, Vimeo, and text widgets.

To wrap it up, today these are the leading and Essential WordPress Plugins that every website needs for its optimization. So, if you not only wish to make your business stand out from the herd of competitors but also let it survive in the toughest times, don’t forget to install them.

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