Premium Domains Available at BluebirdHosting!

Premium Domains Available at BluebirdHosting!

What are Premium Domains?

Premium Domains provide further options to individuals and businesses beyond the increasingly limited number of good, available domain names.

A Premium Domain is a domain name that is already registered and owned by someone, but made available for sale. Prices for Premium Domains range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the specific domain and current market influences.

These domains are referred to as ‘Premium Domains’ because they have a higher perceived value than most other domain names, including available, unregistered domains. This higher value comes as a result of the domain being short in length, containing common words, or providing a more memorable web address.

You might also have heard Premium Domains referred to as aftermarket domains, secondary market domains or high-value domains.

Most Premium Domains are .com domains, but .net, ,org, and .biz domains are sometimes also listed as Premium Domains.

Do you have more information about Premium Domains?

Yes we do, just head on over to our Knowledgebase, there is a Category with all you need to know about Premium Domains!

How do i lookup a Premium Domain?

If you wish to register or inquire about a Premium Domain availabilty please Contact Us

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