New Installtron features!

New Installtron features!

In case you have not noticed we thought we would let you know that in June our Installtron application installer was updated with some great new features!

You now have the ability to clone installed applications, enabling installed applications to be migrated from remote web hosting servers, automatically update installed applications as new versions become available and an improved user interface. The end result is the world’s best web application automation experience
Clone installed applications.
Clone is a revolutionary feature that enables installed applications to be duplicated to a different location.

Use Clone to test an upgrade before applying it to a production install, to create a sandbox to test mods, plugins, or themes, or simply use Clone to duplicate an installed application for production use. The uses for Clone are endless!

Any account location is a valid destination, including the root directory and any sub-directory of all sub-domains, addon domains, and domain aliases. All files, directories, and database tables are duplicated, and application settings are updated for the new location.

Migrate installed applications.

Migrate enables installed applications to be copied from remote web hosting servers.

Migrate is an extension of the “Import an existing install” tool that utilizes a remote web hosting server’s FTP information to copy an installed application from the remote server to a selected location within the local web hosting account. Similar to Clone, all files, directories, and database tables are copied, application settings are updated for the new location, and any account location is a valid destination.

Automatic Update.

Tired of logging in to apply installed application updates? Want piece of mind security updates will be applied as quickly as possible?

Enabled at install time or later by editing an installed application, Automatic Update will automatically create a backup and update installed applications immediately as new versions become available. In the event the update fails, Installatron will automatically restore the created backup.

Automatic Update can be configured to only update to new minor versions and security releases, or it can be configured to update to any new version.

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