New! Email & Domain Forwarding

New! Email & Domain Forwarding

Always looking to improve your experience and provide the tools you need, Bluebird Hosting is happy to announce Email & Domain Forwarding. We added this new feature in the Client Portal which allows you to setup a domain forwarders and email forwarders for domains not hosted with us and registered with us.

Just goto to Domains > My Domains and select your domain to manage and you should see the options on the left side Menu if this feature is available for your domain.

Domain Forwards

Domain Forwards allow you to redirect one domain to an other domain, options available are 301 permanent, 302 Temporary and 303 Replaced. For example a popular option is to setup a permanent redirect for example for .ca to a .com for the same domain name. This way if someone makes a mistake and adds the .ca instead of .com they are automatically forwarded to the correct domain. Or you may want to just forward a different name to an other. For SEO purposes you will always want to setup a permanent redirect.

To add a new domain forwarder:

  • select its type: ‘Permanent’ or ‘Temporary’
  • provide directory forward – if allowed
  • provide redirect URL to redirect domain

Here is how to do it:

Click on the Domain Forwarders in the Domain Management Menu on the left.

Then choose the Type & the Redirect To using the full URL as in the screen shot below and click the green Add button, thats is!

You will see your domain forward added at the bottom.

Email Forwarders

Email forwards a neat feature that allow you to forward a non existent email address to an external email address or even a domain hosted with Bluebird.

Add Your Email Forwarder

Adding an email forward is really simple, choose a name in Address To Forward box and put your destination email address in the Destination box and click Add.

Your new email forward is now added and available at the bottom.

Login to the Client Portal now and try it out!

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