New domains .PRO and .WS

New domains .PRO and .WS

We are happy to announce that registration of a .pro or .ws domain is now availble from the Client Portal.




Since launching in 2004, .PRO has become an important tool for businesses, organizations and individuals in building trusted relationships throughout the world.

Whether developing a brand, refining an identity, or promoting a specialty, .PRO offers every business and professional the opportunity to enhance their image by adding a powerful, easy-to-identify name to their online presence and web-based products.

A .PRO domain is the perfect way to establish a professional identity and connect with your client base online. In a competitive job market, stand out with a .PRO domain.

.PRO domains are:

  • Professional
  • Competitive
  • Unique

Create a competitive edge in the job market by choosing a .PRO domain to build your professional online identity.

Who Can Register A .PRO?

Any licensed professional, business and organization is eligible to register a .PRO domain. Because .PRO is exclusively for registration by the professional community, using a .PRO TLD automatically identifies the registrant to their customer base as an accredited expert in their field.

.pro domains start at $15.00 only! Reserve your name today!


WS is a globally accessible top level domain that works just like .COM and .NET. Anyone, anywhere, can register a .WS domain and establish a personal internet address for life.

.WS is easy to remember; .WS is WebSite! Register a .WS domain today, and see why Global Domains International has been ranked in the top 50 of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies.

.ws domains start at $22.00 Reserve your name today!

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