Is Shared Web Hosting Worth Using? Top Benefits

Is Shared Web Hosting Worth Using? Top Benefits


Every website needs to be hosted somewhere, and probably that is the main reason why you are reading this article – you have a site, and you want to know the options.

Free hosting is suitable only for the most basic blogs with few pages. Anything more than that, and the performance will suffer, plus, with free hosting, nobody guarantees you anything, and if something fails, you’re on your own. If the purpose of your website is more than just showing the most basic information such as your telephone, email or address, you will need something better than free hosting. It’s time to grab your wallet.

When it comes to paid hosting, there are three main options – shared, Virtual Private Server (better known as VPS), and dedicated. In this article, we will talk about shared hosting a bit, explaining to you why this is probably the right choice. Stay tuned.

Benefit #1: Low price

This is definitely the most significant advantage shared hosting has over other hosting types. You can find shared hosting under $5/mo, which is ridiculously low. This is mainly because of the harsh competition – with so many new hosting companies emerging almost every day, this surely is a buyer’s market. The competition within the industry has not only lowered the prices, but increased the quality – companies that do not deliver get stigmatized rapidly, and fall out of the business. Even the weakest hosting plan has enough firepower to run a smaller website smoothly. However, if you are not ultra tight on the money, get a better plan. It will get you more monthly storage, bandwidth, and more hardware, and will still cost you around $10/mo. As you can see, shared hosting plans are ultra-affordable, and above all a cost-effective solution. So it should come as a no-brainer – if you don’t have paid hosting yet, get a shared hosting plan, you will not regret it.

Benefit #2: Management

All shared hosting is managed hosting, which means that the hosting provider does all the management and server maintenance for you. Better companies also offer free backup, even for the cheapest, shared plans. This makes shared hosting a perfect option for people who are short on time, not that tech-savvy, or both. You just sign up for a shared hosting plan and leave all the worries about website uptime, security and speed to the hosting provider you choose. Of course, it is essential to choose wisely, browsing all the options before making your decision.

Benefit #3: Support

Hosting companies will provide support even for the cheapest plans, again, this is another result of the crazy competition on the oversaturated market of the Internet hosting. This is excellent news for tech noobs who are not exactly sure what they are doing and might worry they mess up things when left on their own. You will get help from the service provider, and your website will be set up and ready in no time at all. Furthermore, hosting providers will give you access to cPanel, which will put all the tools in your hands, allowing you to tweak your website even if you don’t know how to code. All this at the lowest price possible.

Benefit #4: Customization and options

The above mentioned, user-friendly cPanel will put control in your hands, allowing you to make changes on your website. Also, shared hosting plans have some more advanced features such as SSL to increase safety, unlimited number of databases and email accounts, and options to easily upgrade your plans by requesting more storage or bandwidth. Better shared hosting providers put even more tools in your hands that keep your website protected from spam with SpamAssassin, and have 1-click installers for popular services. In short, when you consider the number of options and features you get for the laughable amount of money you pay, shared hosting is the best buy, by far.


Those were the three main advantages of the shared web hosting, the biggest one, of course, is the ultra-affordable price tag.

However, as you might expect, there are some disadvantages too that comes from the nature of this service – shared means that multiple websites share one server as their host, which can create potential performance issues, and safety concerns.

Still, when all things are taken into consideration, shared web hosting is still an excellent solution – that ultra-low price is something that can’t be disputed, and is the key selling point of shared hosting services. Quality at the lowest possible price equals shared hosting.

Is it worth using? Definitely.

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