On February 30th, 2019 we will no longer be supporting SquirrelMail Webmail and will be removing it from all Control Panel servers. But don’t worry this will no impact any of your data.

We have been a big fan of SquirrelMail for at least the last decade. Unlike the other web-mail applications, SquirrelMail has always been very reliable and light-weight loading even with inboxes filled up with thousands of emails.

Why SquirrelMail is being removed

Squirrelmail saw its last update on May 30, 2013, with the last release being July 12, 2011. During those seven years we saw 4 PHP versions come and go. Unfortunately, SquirrelMail contains known security flaws, rather than continuing to use an un-maintained application, we decided to remove SquirrelMail all together. It’s time to move on.

What is the alternative?

Roundcube Webmail is the only alternative left that we can continue to offer until an other option comes along. By default Roundcube Webmail is available from your domain/webmail.

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