Elastic Hosting – Scale Up your Web Hosting

Elastic Hosting – Scale Up your Web Hosting

Leading the way in Canada with Web Hosting Solutions we are proud to announce that for 2018 all our Hosting Plans have now been converted to Elastic Sites model. What is a Elastic Hosting ? Simply it isĀ  scalable Shared Hosting Plans with more resources that eliminate the need for a VPS server and keep you on a managed server with the ease and simplicity of our Control Panel.

As your site grows you can upgrade your plan automatically adding more CPU, I/O, RAM, Concurrent Connections, Inodes, Bandwidth and Disk Space.

An Elastic Site is easy to manage – just like a shared hosting site. The Elastic Site runs on a shared server powered by the CloudLinux OS. It isolates each customer into a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources; like RAM, CPU, and connections; for that customer. These limits improve server stability because other customers cannot use more than they are allocated and bring down your shared server.

Current plans like Nestling and Fledging will see free upgradesĀ  of I/O, CPU, RAM and Inodes. New plans like the EH1 offer even more Ram and I/O and other resources for customers looking to further upgrade!