Free Hosting Just Got Upgraded!

In our continued effort to provide the best service possible and provide everyone with FREE SSL Certificates we have today upgraded all Free Hosting Plans to 150MB of disk space along with access to SSL, if you have a Free Hosting Plan with us you can now create a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your […]

Toronto Data Center now available!

Great news – Bluebird Hosting is now available in Toronto! Our newest location in Toronto offers some of our best performance so far. The new Toronto availability zone is powered by our latest cloud compute architecture, delivering benchmark gains of up to 50% on our high performance 100% SSD servers. Built from the ground up, experience our […]

Easy Node.js Hosting now available!

Do you love Node.js Javascript platform for building scalable web applications? With our Node.js Selector, our customers are now able to host their JavaScript apps using Node.js 6.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x. This makes it easy for customers to take advantage of all our Node.js Selector features including ultimate flexibility and a friendly user interface […]


On February 30th, 2019 we will no longer be supporting SquirrelMail Webmail and will be removing it from all Control Panel servers. But don’t worry this will no impact any of your data. We have been a big fan of SquirrelMail for at least the last decade. Unlike the other web-mail applications, SquirrelMail has always […]


Web Hosting with Free SSL

You may have noticed that more and more websites are now running with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Sites displaying the URL with HTTPS are using what is known as SSL (secured socket layer) which is a secured connection opposed to HTTP which is unsecure and sends data in plain text. SSL certificates are installed on […]

Why You Should Run Your Site As HTTPS

If you are wondering why you should run your site as HTTPS, just read this article. We will give you several reasons why you should consider this switch, as we think it can benefit any website, in many ways. What is HTTPS and how do I get it? HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol [...]

Key Features Of Web Hosting You Must Know

Hosting is a crucial part of every website. However, since it is not something you can see, like the design and site functionality, people often go for the cheap hosting option, thinking how it is not that important. That can’t be further away from the truth. Hosting is vital for your website, a foundation stone [...]