Bluebird featured on

Bluebird featured on

We are proud to be among those chosen to be featured on, StartUpLift features promising startup companies so that they can receive insightful feedback.  Our feedback so far has been very constructive and positive! I truly believe that our attention to detail, communications and customer focus has made us winners here and we are listening to all the feedback received. We will further improve ourselves and adopt what has been suggested.


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“We created StartUpLift to help promising startups get featured and receive insightful feedback. People come to our site to learn about new startups and to engage in stimulating conversation. We do not charge you anything simply to feature your startup. However, in the spirit of keeping feedback ecosystem alive, we do ask that you provide feedback to at least one of the startups featured on our site before submitting yours”


Also see a small writeup by Tom on his Blog


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