Web Hosting Simplified!

Securing Joomla! with jSecure

Did you know that any web user can easily know the site is created in Joomla! by typing the URL to access the administration area (i.e. www.site name.com/administration). This makes hackers hack the site easily once they crack id and password for Joomla!. There is an easy way to secure access to the Administrator section […]

One Click Script Installer!

With so many free scripts out there its hard enough trying to figure out which one too choose let alone how to install them. Some of this can be a bit tricky to install and once installed you might be afraid to upgrade. Well thats not a reason anymore! With the Bluebird Installtron Wizard in […]

Bluebird is on Facebook

With the growing use of Facebook its clear that most of our clients will want to follow us there. So were happy to announce the creation of our Facebook page! Come visit us there and become a fan of our page! Were going to be sending promotions through there in the near future so you [...]