Backing Up Your Site

Backing Up Your Site

If your hosted with Bluebird and your not backing up your site then you should read on and take a few minutes each month or prior to updating your site to properly backup your hosting data, it will save you one day!

Some customers will contact us after they have tried to update a site or make changes and end up with a scraped site! Of course we take backups but only nightly so if you work on a site all day and have us restore you will loose all your work. No fear, DirectAdmin Control Panel has the tools, read below.

Using Installatron:

(This method does a backup of your website only, to backup everything see next method below.)

If you have installed your website through Installatron (recommended way) then there is a backup button next to each of your applications, take a few minutes and click on it! Installatron will take a snapshot of your application and put it in “My Backups” , this way of something goes wrong you simply restore it!

* Installatron backups are great if your updating your site often, you will have all your snap shots available to you and can instantly roll back to the known working version.

Using Backup/Restore from Control Panel:

(with this method you can selectively choose what you want to backup)

Our backup tool in the Control Panel will allow you to backup your entire hosting account (including email, email settings and ftp accounts) or to just selectively choose what you want to backup, for most people they will want to backup website data and databases.

How: From the Control Panel click on the icon “Create/Restore Backups” then simply click on “Create Backup” button, thats it!

When the backup is finished you will receive an email and your compressed file will be available from the drop down list. They are also stored in your webspace under “/backups”, you can then download them locally to your computer using the File Manager or FTP.

Restoring is easy, simply choose the correct backup file and click on “Select Restore Options” then choose options and click “Restore Selected Items”

That’s as easy as it gets, we hope this has helped you.

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