Stable Servers

Experience the difference!

Our Shared Hosting Environment It's Brilliant!

Traditional shared hosting environments have no control over individual tenants in the event of a resource spike. If one tenant suddenly experiences a big resource spike from a large amount of traffic, poorly written script, or a denial of service attack, all the other tenants on the server are slowed or brought down.

On our CloudLinux servers we isolate each tenant so that no matter what, the tenant can never exceed the resources allocated to them. During a sudden resource spike all other tenants are left unaffected!

Our servers stay up and keep customers happy even under extreme stress. That's because each tenant is isolated in their own lightweight virtualized environments (LVE) and given a predetermined amount of resources. If one customer suddenly get's a huge amount of traffic any ill effects will be contained to only that customer.

Secure Web Hosting A proactive approach.

Bluebird takes a proactive approach to monitoring our servers. We monitor access in real time, responding dynamically to most attacks before they have an opportunity to spread. We use threat data from network edge intrusion detection systems to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks, we monitor for brute-force attacks at many levels.

We ensure that we are always using the most secure configurations and follow the the best practices in the industry.

Datacenter & Servers Performance without comprimise.

Each server at Bluebird Hosting is connected to a minimum 200Mbps network over Fiber Optic 100G coherent technology which is operated by OVH a worldwide datacenter provider. Bluebird's Canadian datacenter is located just outside of Montreal, every server uses Canadian ip addresses and runs on the latest hardware technology using Intel Core i5 or Xeon processors.