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New Feature! DirectAdmin Control Panel Integration in Client Area!

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Until now if you wanted to manage your hosting (add domains, email accounts, ftp and databases) it meant you had to login separately into your Directadmin Control Panel and that meant one more login to remember. So today we are happy to announce that we have officially integrated your Control Panel management into our Client Area, this translates into less logins and a more simplier unified hosting experience.

So what exactly can be manged from the Client Area? Almost all features that you need can be managed!

Here is the complete list of control panel management features :

Installatron Applications And Their Backups
FTP Accounts
Addon Domains
File Manager
Email Forwarders
Vacation Messages
Mailing Lists
SPAM Filters
Spamassasin Setup
Cron Management
Apache Handlers
Error Pages
SSL Certificates
Parked Domains
Site Redirections
Perl Modules

One Click Login To:

View Account Resource Usage
Change Account Password

So as you can see all the features that you use regularly can now be manged directly from the Client Area along with your Support Tickets, Billing and Domains.

Accessing The Feature
We encourage all clients to check out this new feature by logging into your

  • Once you are logged in, select “Services”
  • Under “Services”, click the green “Active” bar at the right of the table for the service(s) you wish to configure
  • Scroll down to see all the management features available

These are just some of the new features coming to enhance and simplify your client experience. We hope that you enjoy it and look forward to your comments.

More Bandwidth!

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New for 2017 every hosting plan will see an increase in Bandwidth! On some plans we have doubled the bandwidth, for all our existing and new customers!

  • Free Hosting Plan goes from 1GB to 2 GB
  • Hatchling Plan goes from 10GB to 20GB
  • Nestling Plan goes from 20GB to 40GB
  • Fledging Plan goes from 45GB to 60GB

* BONUS Now all plans have Unlimited Inodes!



New Shared Hosting pricing for 2017

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As of January 23 2017, the prices of some Bluebird Hosting shared web hosting plans have changed.

Hatchling Plan
$3.99 Annually
$4.99 Semi-Annually
$5.99 Quarterly
N/A Monthly

Nestling Plan
$6.99 Annually
$7.99 Semi-Annually
$8.99 Quarterly
N/A Monthly

Fledging Plan
$9.99 Annually
$10.99 Semi-Annually
$11.99 Quarterly
N/A Monthly

We thought you’d like to know why we’re making this change. Our goal is to provide you with the best value in the industry, a reliable product with great support at a competitive price. We have continued to invest in improving our infrastructure and features to deliver our commitment of “Web Hosting – simplified!” In fact although we increased pricing on Quarterly & Semi-Annual we actually dropped our Annual price on the Nestling and Fledging plans!

New improvements invested for 2017:

  • PHP 7.0 & 7.1 standard on all packages
  • Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt with all paid hosting plans
  • Manage almost all Web Hosting from Client Portal (no control panel)
  • Nginx Web Server serving up static content (improved load times!)
  • New Client Portal
  • New Datacenter location in Germany
  • All Plans now with Unlimited Inodes and increased Bandwidth

Like any business, we have to periodically adjust prices. This decision is a reflection of the changing hosting industry and increase costs as a result. Yet even with this increase, Bluebird’s hosting prices are very competitive with other hosting provider prices. You will continue to receive a reliable product and great support at an affordable price.

Let’s Encrypt is here – Open Source SSL Certificates Available at Bluebird Hosting

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Today encryption on the web has become more important than ever before, with constant threats of identity theft, spam, viruses & malaware so it is vital that encryption be more widely used for the safety of individuals and for the Internet as a whole.

On December 2015 the new certificate authority Let’s Encrypt entered Public Beta since it was started in 2012 by two Mozilla employees. There was so much excitement about this breaking news that finally website owners had a viable option to install a free ssl certificate that was not only certified but also easy to install and renew!

We’re big advocates of security and were so happy to finally be able to offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates to all our shared hosting customers!

What you need to know about Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority (CA) that is backed by some of the largest companies in the industry like Google, Cisco, Facebook, Akamai, OVH and many more. The main objective behind Let’s Encrypt is to offer a free secure open certificate authority that is run for the public’s benefit and that creates a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.

How to install Let’s Encrypt at Bluebird Hosting

You can install your free Let’s Encrypt certificates through the Directadmin Control Panel of your hosting account. It is also possible to have multiple certificates installed on your account for each domain and subdomain. The certificates expire after 90 days and auto renew by our system on the 85th day, so you won’t have to-do anything! Now that’s cool! :)

Here is how to do it

Select the second radio button and choose “Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt”

Fill out the necessary fields  (your domain including WWW and Email) and choose your entries. We advise to secure all and use all!

Thats it!

You should get the same results as below, if you dont please contact our Support and we will help you get this sorted out.


PHP 7.0 & 7.1 Now Available On All Shared Bluebird Hosting Servers

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PHP 7 is now available as a stable production release and we are proud to announce that versions 7.0 & 7.1 are now available on all our hosting servers!

Why Should You Use PHP 7?
One of the main advantages of using PHP 7 is that it is much faster than any of the other PHP 5.x releases. The fact that PHP 7 provides opcode caching by default is the reason for the performance improvements provided by PHP 7.

Zend Technologies published some benchmarking tests that show that php7 is much faster than HHVM.

Some interesting facts:

  • One WordPress request on PHP 5.6 executes just under 100M CPU instructions, while PHP 7 only executes 25M to do the same job.
  • Drupal 8 runs 72% faster with PHP 7
  • With execution time more than twice as fast compared to PHP 5.6 and 30% lower memory consumption -
    servers running PHP 7 will be able to serve up to 3x as many requests as those running PHP 5.6.

How to Enable PHP7 on Bluebird Hosting servers?

To enable PHP 7 for one of your domains you can use the Select PHP Version  in your Directadmin Control Panel:

NGINX Powered!

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We are happy to announce that all new control panels servers are now equipped with NGINX web server as reverse proxy. Our recent Frankfurt & Montreal servers will both benefit from the added speed and features.

What does this mean?

Using a reverse proxy server frees the application server (Apache) from having to wait for users to interact with the web app and lets it concentrate on building pages for the reverse proxy server to send across the Internet. The application server, which no longer has to wait for client responses, can run at speeds close to those achieved in optimized benchmarks.

Files that are requested directly, such as image files or code files, can be stored on the reverse proxy server and sent directly to the client, which serves assets more quickly and offloads the application server, allowing the application to run faster.

NGINX software is specifically designed for use as a reverse proxy server, with the additional capabilities described above. NGINX uses an event-driven processing approach which is more efficient than traditional servers. NGINX Plus adds more advanced reverse proxy features, such as application health checks, specialized request routing, advanced caching, and support.

Domain Price increases 2017

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Please take note of the following domain price increases which will take effect January 01, 2017:

Effective January 1, 2017

We will be increasing the price for the following domain extensions:

.COM new price $18
.CA new price $17
.NET new price $16
.ORG new price $17
.INFO new price $19
.MOBI new price $24
.BIZ new price $19
.CO.UK new price $10
.FITNESS new price $37

Price increases are due to US exchange rates and associated service fees with our providers.

Our domain pricing can be seen here : http://www.bluebirdhosting.ca/domains/

Holiday Hours 2016-2017

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Our opening hours this year for customer service and sales will be as follows;

Saturday 24th December 2016 – closed
Sunday 25th December 2016 – closed
Monday 26th December 2016 – 12PM – 5PM
Tuesday 27th December 2016 – 9AM – 4PM
Wednesday 28th December 2016 – 9AM – 4PM
Thursday 29th December 2016 – 9AM – 4PM
Friday 30th December 2016 – 9AM – 4PM
Saturday 31st December 2016 – 9AM – 12PM
Sunday 1st January 2017 – closed
Monday 2nd January 2017 – closed
Tuesday 3rd January 2017 – we resume normal office hours

Note: We have full time staff on duty 24/7/365 for support!

During these hours support requests may be answered with delays, thanks for your understanding.

New Datacenter Frankfurt, Germany

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We are pleased to announce our newest Datacenter located in Frankfurt Germany. Direcadmin control panel accounts are now available to better serve our European customers.

Our servers are located at TelecityGroup facilities in Frankfurt home to DE-CIX the largest Internet exchange point in the world.

Bluebird Hosting customers can now be compliant with Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz or BDSG) by hosting their data on German soil.

Frankfurt servers are our newest fleet of Control Panel servers offering these new features:

SSD Disk Drives – Blazing Fast disk read/write times
Nginx Apache Reverse proxy – Increased speed on static content

New Client Area Dashboard!

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Were happy to announce that our Client Area (Billing & Support) formally known as My.Bluebird has recently under went a major face-lift and a new back end version. A fresh new look and many new features and bug fixes have been addressed. This new theme and layout is fully responsive, mobile friendly and easier for you to navigate.

With this migration we chose to change the url from https://my.bluebirdhosting.ca to https://manage.bluebirdhosting.ca , please update your bookmarks.

When you first login the changes are immediately noticeable. Your dashboard allows you to view your services, domains, pending invoices and support tickets.

Other major improvement is our support ticket system. This latest re-design gives our customers an easier to use layout and an overall better experience.

Take a few minutues and try it out for yourself, experience this new theme at https://manage.bluebirdhosting.ca/